It was so wet over the weekend and into the start of the week that I didn’t bother wathering yesterday. Today, however, it was supposed to be sunny and warm with little to no chance of rain. Consequently, when I got up this morning I gave the yard a drink–20 minutes per side. I also did some weed pulling. Every little bit counts.


Finally got the mowing done between rain storms. Phew! That was a beast of a chore. I also got some weeds pulled in front. Nowhere near all of them but every little bit counts. We still have some bald spots and while I have nothing against baldies (being one myself) it would be nice if I could figure out how to get some grass growing on those spots. Ug.


Was out of town Friday and Saturday and just returned. When I hit the airport we couldn’t get off the plane because of a lightening storm. Then we got off the airport and there was an announcement that due to tornados in the vacinity we were supposed to stay away from the windows. I finally got in my car and drove home. On the ride home it started raining again. By the time I got home it had stopped. Then, minutes after I got inside and opened some windows it started to thunder and lightening and then the most massive downpour I’ve seen since moving to Denver! I believe the weather report for the last couple of days included rain as well. That gave me a break from watering but has severely interrupted my mowing schedule!