Got up this morning and did the morning watering. I also took the yard waste from the front out to the trash and found that someone had dumped a bunch of branches in our car-park. They didn’t even have the courtesy to cut them down into small enough pieces that the garbage men would be willing to collect them. It upset me enough that I turned my wrath to the massive weed garden I had growing back there: weeds taller than me. I didn’t clear the entire patch, I ran out of time,┬ábut I got through half of it. The entire patch is about 10 square feet so not bad for a morning’s work. Once I get it all clear I think I’m going to lay weed barrier I have left over from the around the silver maple in the front. I think I have enough to cover it and i don’t want to have to pull these weeds ever again! In other news, the roses are spectacular. They are even better than last year! Every day there are more open buds and every day there are new buds appearing getting ready to open. If only the rest of the flowers and non-weed-plants would be so self-maintaining!

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