Post part 1

The initial installation of the post occurred today. There were a couple of issues. First, it was unclear when the installer was going to do the installation. Even after a call to our architect/GM Geno who immediately (Geno is always wonderful, accessible and on top of things) called the installer and reported back that the installer was on his way and would arrive in about 15 minutes. Dana waited around for a final hour and when the installer still didn’t show, she went to run her errands and hit the gym. When she returned she found the initial phase of the post installation completed but there were some issues with that as well. First, the color is a bit harsh against the bricks. Second, the bottom of the post, as it connects with the base, is chipped and it is not clear yet how much of it will be visible after the trim that will cover that base is installed. Finally, there is a gash missing out of one side of the post. Dana spoke with Geno who said he would come by first thing tomorrow morning to meet with us about it. Even with the issues, however, it is clear that the post is going to add visual drama (in a positive way) to the front of the house. More on the post in future posts.

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