Basil plants

I found, after a quick search of the net, that Basil plants watered once a week thrive. Further, that basil plants like a lot of sun. After I purchased my basil plants and potted them in the potter Dana bought for my birthday a year ago, I figured water them onceĀ  a week and put them in a place that gets lots of sun. I apparently was wrong. Denver is such a dry place that once a week wasn’t enough water. After watering them over the weekend, I figured I could wait until the following weekend to water them again. This evening I looked at the basil plants and they were completely wilted (a dramatic change from this morning when I saw new growth popping up). I immediately brought them inside and gave them a drink. The soil was bone dry and each of the three little pots (which are about 1 and 1/2 cups if I had to estimate) took nearly 1/2 cup of water. The soil soaked it up. We’ll see how they do with a day out of the sun.

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