I got home from work early today and decided to take advantage of the overcast mid to high 70s and get the lawn mowed. I decided to set the blade height to cut the grass lower than I was. I tried setting it to the lowest it would go (testing it on a small spot in the back before moving to the front) and that was a big mistake–it cut almost allĀ  the way to the dirt. I switched it to something in the middle but in retrospect I think that might have been too low too. The grass did look manicured though. The lawn mower stalled on me once during the cutting and I think it might have been out of gas so I filled it but it was still making funny noises and it was dumping a lot of clippings on the lawn. Not sure what that was all about. This is only the fourth or fifth time I’ve mowed the lawn with this mower. Ug.

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