Neighbors are great

As I was finishing up with the watering, I noticed that Michelle and Matt were out working on their yard… and then I noticed they were working on ours too. As you may recall from last year, Dana took the dirt pile that was on the northwest corner of the yard and weeded it, turned it, leveled it and gave it a border. We never did get around to planting anything in it, however, and this year as winter passed we noticed that all sorts of grass found its way into the bed. Dana tried getting rid of as much of it as she could but it was a serious uphill climb. Michelle decided that she wanted to help. She took a cutting from some of her sage and planted it in the bed and took a cutting from some plant she uses as ground cover and planted that as well. She made it look so easy. Guess when your thumbs are green your plants will grow. Wish my thumbs were less flesh-tone.

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