As with every morning I was out watering just after waking up. I was hoping to come out and find signs that it had rained overnight (ever optimistic) but no such luck. If it rained I didn’t see any signs. The weather report is for low 70s with a chance again for thunderstorms in the afternoon. Reports from the aftermath of yesterday’s tornadoes were hopeful. One of the tornadoes was more than a mile wide and yet there was only one death reported. The news this morning carried a story about a daycare center in Windsor, Colorado where the staff gathered the children in the gym and then acted as human shields to protect the youngsters as the roof was taken right off the building. No casualties and the children escaped with minor scrapes and bruises. As the tornado passed the staff realized they could smell natural gas so with some quick thinking they evacuated the children into the bank vault of the bank across the street. Aerial photos of that area showed everything but the daycare center and the bank were essentially leveled. Extraordinary!

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