The Yard


Grading and boulders and post update

‍‍י תשרי ה תשעג - Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Geno came by the house early this morning and as always, was awesome. He was able to answer all of our questions and put all of our concerns (read: nervousness) to rest. The post will have trim below the bench that will cover the parts that didn’t look perfect, the post will be stained so […]

Post part 1

‍‍ט תשרי ה תשעג - Monday, September 24th, 2012

The initial installation of the post occurred today. There were a couple of issues. First, it was unclear when the installer was going to do the installation. Even after a call to our architect/GM Geno who immediately (Geno is always wonderful, accessible and on top of things) called the installer and reported back that the […]