I decided to shower before watering this morning. As soon as I finished I went out and ran the sprinkler. There were some drops of water on the cars so it might have rained last night but not enough to cause the ground to still look wet. Dana and I are going away for a few days (Justin’s grad school graduation) and I won’t be able to account for the watering our house sitters do while we are away. At least they will water.

Thunder Storm

Mother nature took care of ourĀ  evening watering so no need to run the sprinkler. To get out of the wet, Dana and I went to Home Depot, bought a shop vac, some supplies to spruce up the electrical in the former-basement-storage-room soon-to-be work-out-room and carpet and padding. We brought it all home and emptied the remainder of the stuff from the room. We cleaned the room with the new vac, laid down the padding, cut it to fit, and brought the carpet into the room. Photos on the Our-Yard page(even though this isn’t yard work per se). We’ll unroll, cut and stretch the carpet tomorrow night.


Looks like we may get the day off from watering. It appears to have rained overnight and it is expected to continue raining during the day today. It’s going to be in the low 60s and was in the 40s overnight so evaporation won’t factor in much to today’s watering.